Structural Engineering Inspection and Design Consulting Services in Huntington, WV and Ashland, KY Areas
Structural Engineering Inspection and Design Consulting Services in Huntington, WV and Ashland, KY Areas

Structural Inspections

Typically, the structural inspections are performed in phases that follow the ASCE/SEI Guidelines for Structural Assessment of Existing Buildings. Typical phases of inspection/evaluation include

  • Initial Structural/Engineering Evaluation
    • Initial overview to gain a general opinion of the existing condition to determine if further investigation is required. The initial inspection can be adjusted accordingly to determine any repairs
  • Structural Repair Plans (if required)
    • Upon completion of the initial structural evaluation, repair plans or instructions can be prepared for a contractor to complete regarding the structural components that are in need of repair or additional support.
  • Oversight and Final Report
    • Depending on whether structural repairs are required, we can provide construction oversight while the contractor makes the final repairs. Once these repairs are satisfactory, a final sealed report will be provided to you for final use.




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